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Built in Appliances

We have a showroom showcasing all the features built in appliances have to offer, here’s some useful hints and advice to help you.

Built in Ovens

There are 3 different types of oven to consider, here’s an overview…

Single Ovens – Single ovens are ideal for all sizes of kitchen, large or small with the
flexibility to be positioned in a variety of ways. For example underneath a work unit, in a row with similar single ovens, or fitted above or underneath a built in microwave.

Built Under Double Ovens – Built under double ovens are an ideal way to fit two
oven cavities into a kitchen without losing handy work top space.

Built In Double Ovens – We find Built in double ovens are popular as they provide two large oven cavities at an ideal height for the cook. They’re fitted into a tower unit so you can conveniently check the progress of a dish at eye level height.

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You’ll discover there’s a large range of hoods available in different styles, sizes and power options. The main purpose of a cooker hood is to banish the cooking odours and grease from the kitchen. For maximum performance we always recommend they should be vented to an outside wall so cooking odours are removed from your home. However, if this isn’t possible we offer alternatives using internal filters, these are very effective but can be expensive to maintain.

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We stock gas and electric hobs, here’s some details for both types…

Gas Hobs – When choosing a gas hob it’s important to look for the correct size and
best features for your requirements. Here’s some examples of things to consider:

  • Do you need a four or five burner gas hob?
  • Would you like automatic ignition?
  • Will you need cast iron pan supports?

Electric Hobs – Customers are often surprised how dramatically electric hobs have
changed over the last 10 years. We stock them in many sizes with a choice of touch
or switch control. These are the four types now available:

  • Induction hobs – these can save you a third of your time and energy bills.
  • Halogen hobs are as quick as induction but can be more expensive to run.
  • Ceramic hobs are popular as they can be used with more pan types.
  • Solid plate hobs are slow to heat & cool, but they’re hard wearing and can provide
    a lower price option.

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Built in Microwaves / Combination Ovens

We find customers like these because they can free up valuable worktop space in the kitchen. We install them with the addition of a built in kit that comes as standard.

Built in Dishwashers

We offer a range of built in dishwashers in two standard widths, 60cm or 45cm. You can choose a Fully Integrated option where the full dishwasher is covered by the kitchen panel, or a Semi Integrated version where the door is covered by the kitchen panel but the control panel is visible.

Built in Fridges

We offer the choice of having your built in fridge installed either in a tower unit known as an in column fridge or underneath a work top known as a built under fridge.

Built in Freezers

Freezers offer the same choice as Fridges – you can choose either an in column or a built under option depending which best suits your specific needs

Built in Fridge Freezers

We offer a choice to suit your particular requirements, either a 50/50 split or a 70/30 split. Both options are available as no frost or frost free.

Built in Washing Machines

We stock a selection of appliances with three drum capacity options (5, 6 or 7kg) so you can choose the right one for your needs.

Built in Tumble Dryers

A key consideration here is that unlike free standing tumble dryers, built in versions are only available as a vented option.

Built in Washer Dyers

As with washing machines, we offer three drum capacity options – 5, 6,7kg. One important tip is that it’s always advisable to take out half the load when drying to prevent overloading the motor.

We can only touch on a few of the many buying considerations here so we’d recommend you call us or visit our Showroom for more detailed advice on any of the appliances in this section – remember, we’re always happy to help!