Stoves Richmond Deluxe S900DF GTG Range Cooker

British Built Dual Fuel Range Cooker

Product Description

  • 5 Burner Gas through Glass Hob with 5kw PowerWok
  • Maxi- Grill with Pro – Trac Telescopic slider and conventional electric oven (Top Left)
  • 11 Setting Multifunction oven (Bottom Left) : The Stoves Multifunction oven provides you with the ultimate in cooking flexibility allowing you to select from eleven cooking functions : Equiflow fan oven, Pizza setting, dough proving, defrost, intensive bake, top heat only, base heat only, base heat with fan, conventional electric oven, variable rate grill and fanned grill
  • 79 litre Titan Oven with twin Equiflow fan. which can be split into 2 ovens (Tall Right)
  • Quad oven with Proflex splitter : The Proflex Splitter gives you the ability to convert the Titan oven into two seperate Equiflow fan ovens. Transforming the 900mm three oven range cooker into four ovens.
  • Bluetooth connected timer
  • Steam & Infuse : An aaccessory kit that adds mosture and flavour to your dish. Simply adding water, stock or infused spices to the pot serves to steam from the inside* optimising the taste and texture of your food. * Based on cooking a 2.5kg roast chicken
  • Pro-Trac Telescopic Sliders
  • Maxi Clock


Product Features

Width 900 mm
Depth 600 mm
Height 900-930 mm
Available in the following colours Black, Classic Cream, Antracite, Wild Berry, Hot Jalapeno, Icy Brook, Days Break, Midnight Gaze, Soho Green
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