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Vacuum Cleaners

With a choice of upright or cylinder cleaners we have a wide range of vacuums to suit your needs and budget.

When choosing a vacuum the most important consideration is the type of floors you have so you select a machine that’s perfectly made for the job.

  • Areas with all carpet will benefit from a machine that has a brush roller to beat the carpet helping pick up hair and dust.
  • Areas with hard floor should choose a cylinder vacuum like a ‘henry’ where a flat head and suction power is needed to glide across the floor.

If you have both carpet and hardfloor we’d recommend choosing a vacuum that can be switched between brush roller and flat head.

A Dyson DC24 upright for example allows the brushroller to be switched off and on with the press of a button so it’s ideal for all surfaces. Another option is the Sebo K1 Komfort cylinder which comes with a brush roller head and a hard floor head to cope
with all surfaces.

If you’d like more advice on selecting a Vacuum cleaner why not call us or visit our Showroom, we’re always happy to help!